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With God, it’s possible. 

You probably already know that a Walla Walla University Christian education is a great investment—perhaps the most important one you'll ever make. But there’s one thing you may not know—how to make it happen. That’s why we’re here, to guide you through the process and help you every step of the way. Learn more now about how to pay for college.


学生s qualify for 金融 aid


average 金融 aid package per 学生 per year


total 金融 aid given to WWU 学生s 2022-2023 year


  • 95% of WWU 学生s qualify for 金融 aid.
  • WWU offers generous merit-based scholarship packages. 一些人 超过7万美元 四年以上.
  • 你的 奖学金 and grants from WWU may total more than your state grant.


网上博彩澳门银河 is the combination of grants, 奖学金, loans and work-study programs that make higher education possible for most 学生s and families. While it's natural to worry about how to pay for college, by the time 金融 aid is considered, you could actually pay less out-of-pocket to attend WWU than you would for any other private college or even a state school. 

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Working helps reduce your 学生 debt, builds your resume and increases your chance of success in college. The Student employment office at Walla Walla University maintains a listing of available positions for college 学生s looking for part-time work, internships and many other opportunities both on and off campus. 

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Looking for additional loans to pay for school? 

Learn more about applying for loans at WWU 

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你的 out-of-pocket cost, 不是价格标签, is what really counts, so keep your eyes on the bottom line. For most 学生s and families, 金融 aid in the form of grants, 奖学金, loans and Work-Study opportunities bring WWU within reach. With God, it’s possible.